Time Speaker Universe

Imagine a series of terrible events, where everything that matters to you is destroyed. Your friends, loved ones, even your partner, are all taken from you. To add insult to injury, this foe almost takes away your life as well, but you survive. While lying in the rubble of your life, something changes. The trauma reveals an ability you have to see the future. In this future something vast and terrifying destroys all life on your planet, but with your vision you also see that you have the power to stop the destruction.

Would you step forward and fight to save everything? Or surrender and watch as everything burns?

The Time Speaker series tells the story of a man, called Hawk, who chooses to fight to save his planet, and the stories of hundreds of other people who eventually join him in this fight.

The story is fiction, but the sentiment is not.

I invite you to join us in building a future where discrimination and oppression no longer exists. I know it’s a vision just as apparently impossible as one man stopping the annihilation of his planet, but like him, one person can’t do it. If we stand together, we can.